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Real Quality Rating (RQR) was created in 2017 by Olivier Mège. It was created after noting that the commercial real estate sector, once seen as a physical asset, has undergone rapid “financialisation”.

Treated as a financial product, its true characteristics have been severely neglected. This has been accompanied by the fact that the prices of the assets increasingly no longer reflect their quality.

Today, RQR supports the RICS in its efforts to create a global standard for real estate data and is one of the corporate members of the IVSC (International Valuation Standard Council).


We are very proud to have been a partner of Workman Turnbull since 2020. The team offers outstanding technical expertise. Our partnership also enables us to combine high-level expertise in the sustainable development field and an objective assessment of value creation. This partnership bears witness to Workman Turnbull’s determination to be an active participant in ESG initiatives and the wider economy.
Olivier Mège, CEO of RQR Global