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How are projects managed in France?

Property development and refurbishment in France is carried out by a number of different actors and their roles are not always clear.

The Developer finances and manages the property project from A to Z, setting up the design and construction team, dealing with administrative approvals, production of specifications and plans, works management, handover, financial management. He guarantees the result through a development contract or forward funding agreement but takes a profit as reward for the risk involved.

The Maitre d’Ouvrage Délégué (or ‘MOD’), is a construction professional (Developer or Project Manager) to whom the client delegates power and responsibility to organise and deliver the design and construction and who offers varying levels of guarantee of the cost and timetable objectives.

An alternative route is the Design and Build Contractor (“Contractant Général”)– more than a general contractor but less than a developer. This type of contractor provides a turn-key service – he not only carries out the works but also deals with the design and often the statutory permissions upstream of the works phase.

The choice of procurement route is critical and needs careful analysis and advice. Once the chosen route is adopted it is essential to closely monitor progress even when the developer or MOD guarantee the outcome. This is where Turnbull Associés professional know-how and experience will allow you to stay on top of the project.

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